It All Starts With One Office

Executive Offices at Competitive Prices

Colley Executive Offices was created to incubate and nourish independent businesses in the Hampton Roads area. 

Locally owned and operated since 2016, Colley Executive Offices was started by an immigrant who traveled to the USA in search of the American Dream. Starting from absolutely nothing, Ben Mahgerefteh discovered success opening a car dealership in Portsmouth, Virginia more than 40 years ago. Since then, he has helped many other Hampton Roads businesses find success through developing commercial retail, office, and industrial centers all across the region. Ben's latest project is CEO - Colley Executive Offices - an idea that stemmed from his desire to help other small businesses grow. 

"I only wish I had the resources provided by Colley Executive Offices when I started my own business more than 30 years ago. ~ Ben Mahgerefteh

CEO (Colley Executive Offices) provides everything YOU need to run your business. We pride ourselves in providing a secure state-of-the-art facility to conduct your business and impress your clients. Our free on-site ground level parking makes arriving for an appointment a breeze. Our free-to-rent conference rooms sets the perfect tone for landing your next big contract. Providing office furniture cuts down on initial start-up costs to help get you busy as soon as possible. Having your own private telephone number gives your customers an easy direct way to contact you, and having your own private wired internet line preserves the security of your organization and protects your data. And finally, our private street-address mailboxes guarantees your mail is delivered in a safe and secure fashion while also fulfilling any "business address" obligations your licence might require. Our building has 24/7 access and security is our primary concern - you should feel just as safe visiting Colley Executive Offices at 1pm or at 1-in-the-morning. Some come pay us a visit and let us help you grow your business, TODAY!

"It all starts with one office"
~ Ben Mahgerefteh